Constitution – guarantee of our happiness

Article 49 of the country’s Constitution says that citizens should preserve the historical, moral and cultural heritage of the Uzbek people. It specifies that cultural heritage items are under the protection of the state.

The Uzbekistan state art museum is a sacred place that keeps such eternal heritage items. Today its “Uzbekistan people’s applied arts”, “Uzbekistan visual arts” and other sections have more than 98 thousand exhibits.

In this place, spiritual enlightenment events, various exhibitions and meetings are also held nowadays. An event has been held here on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the country’s Constitution on the slogan of “The constitution is a guarantee of our happiness”. This event was attended by representatives of the staff of the Uzbek state musical theatre named after Muqimiy, students and teachers of the Tashkent college of culture, artistes and journalists.

The director of the Museum, Vasila Fayziyeva, and others have said that the Constitution is a firm foundation for the protection of human rights and liberties in this country, the development of civil society foundations, the consistent liberalization and modernization of all the aspects of society’s life and the observance of the principle “from a strong state to a strong civil society”.

“Our country’s constitution is a guarantee of our happiness and an important foundation for our life. Article 41 of the Constitution says that everyone has the right to acquire knowledge. General education is guaranteed by the state. These are big possibilities for the younger generation to display their talent and potential,” says Ahmadjon Tolaganov, a teacher of the Tashkent college of culture.

Participants looked at unique items of applied arts displayed as part of the event.
Poems about the Constitution were read out, followed by melodies and songs about the Motherland, friendship and unity.

Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, photo by Temur Mamadaminov,